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Initial Bowl Thoughts posted on 12/13/2010
The _______ National Championship:
#1 Billy K vs. #2 Jacob Crass
--The only two ever league champions are in a familiar spot.. back in the league championship.  Bill expected to be an afterthought but his style and slick deals put him back into contention.  He’s a version of the NY Yankees at this stage, always in contention and constantly trading youth for useful veterans.  He then drafts young players every draft... and trades them for useful veterans for the bowl run.  Perhaps, some teams should recognize this and not trade with Billy all the time and constantly “reload” while he constantly goes to the championship.
Billy managed to go 10-3 on the season behind the luxury of his opponents only averaging 100.7 points per game.  The next closest was 106 points per game and in the top 5... 116.4.  That’s 16 points, on average, that Bill had to play with.  Amazing when you really look at the numbers.. for instance take a look at his scores the first 6 weeks of the season.  Bill could very possibly playing in another game if his strength of schedule was not so week.

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Week 2 Previews posted on 09/10/2010

Crass vs. Cherns
Is there a more anticipated match up than this one? A replay of last yer's title contest.  These two bitter rivals have been spitting venom back and forth that reminds some of us of The Rock back in his glory WWF days.  The Mouth is coming off of a big scoring week in which he claims he left some points out on the field and vows that won't happen this week.  Crass, on the other hand, started off the season with a shocking 104-120 loss to The Senior Citizen.  The Mark Ingram injury really may be unsettling to Crass all year long, personally, I'm not sure he's ready to make it without him.  Cherns already submitted his line up for the week, and it features high scorers like Taylor Potts, Kendall Hunter and Daniel Thomas.  We figure to see LaMichael James this week and the Florida Gators defense is almost always a great play.  Cherns seems to take advantage of weak opponents in the early part of the season, and to be honest.. I don't see that changing this week.  Crass hasn't revealed a line up yet causing some to think he's playing head games with Cherns. 

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College Fantasy Football Preview-- The Mouth posted on 09/03/2010

Give a man a gun and a badge and the next thing you know, he thinks he's the sheriff.  That's how I feel about the Mouth aka Cherns.  The Mouth of the South.  By the way, how racist is the end of the video?  Wow, nice job, WWF.  You let a guy do the spreadsheet for the entire league, and a great spreadsheet it is.. and the next thing you know he's trying to power himself into position to run the entire league.  He's not shy about calling out opponents or telling the league how busy he is.. no matter what the topic, he's got an opinion.  He's our Lane Kiffin, good or bad.. we love the guy.  Sometimes.

QB:  A solid monopoly of Texas Tech and Florida's QB's.  I think Brantley starts the majority of the year here, and frankly, who can complain with the success Urban Meyer has had with QB's at the schools he's been at.  They can play, run and pass.  Brantley is no different and will be the face of the franchise for the next few seasons.  Oh, and Texas Tech's QB's can put up some numbers as well.

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College Fantasy Football Preview-- The Great Unknown posted on 09/03/2010

Along with a senior citizen in our league we also have the great unknown from Minnesota.. I think.  Allegedly, he's a lawyer and that's all I know about him.  Only one other league member has ever met the guy, but I know for a fact.. A FACT that the spreadsheet master happens to not like the guy.  Despite, the fact, we don't even know if he exists.  Could this be him?  How do I know this?  Because one time the Great Unkown scored some silly amount of points in a week and declared himself #1 in the league despite being like 1-3 at the time.  This got a few other league members riled up and ever since that time.. there has been some tension. 

QB:  Jake Locker, the potential #1 NFL pick, despite being errant with the football leads the squad.  He grabbed an underrated QB in the recent draft in Michigan State's Kirk Cousins.  Illinois is starting Nathan Scheelhaase who could be a 4 year starter, and therefore, a point monger in the near future.  The position has potential but consistency will be a problem with this group of QB's.

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College Fantasy Football Preview -- The Senior Citizen posted on 09/03/2010

We do have a senior citizen in the football league; he's well into his 30's.. been married for years.  Even has himself a couple of children and chronic back problems.  That's what happens when you get old.  Years ago, he used to be a one man band, but he's developed a sense of team over the last season.  He was 6-7 last year, but he was knocking on the door to a much bigger season.

QB:  All 3 QB's belong to Big 12 rosters.  Landry Jones, Blaine Gabbert and Garrett Gilbert.  They are all in very good situations with Landry and Blaine being the big 2 this season and Gilbert learning the ropes and leaning on an all american defense and a stable of running backs until he's ready for bigger action.  Landry has more weapons than these guys.  Blaine can also put some puntos on the board in the right matchups.. including one against pitiful Illinois.

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